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Our school is as beautiful as a park. The buildings are gorgeous, and the facilities are efficient. Our school and classes are not big, but we take care of every student with our true heart and high spirit.
We value the education of humanity. We teach the students how to be graceful, thankful, and loving persons. Our students will also learn how to respect themselves and others.
We help the students to develop their own talents. Therefore there are many activity clubs in our school to strengthen the students' abilities and confidence.
We understand the importance of everyday life education. We educate not only the students' minds, but also their body development. We hope the students will grow with happiness and good health.
We recognize the importance of democracy and law. Therefore, we encourage the teachers and the students to work with the community. And together we can have a brighter future for our school.
We have a group of volunteers to help the school with the safety of the students, the school's environment, the morning time teaching, the planning of activity camp, the reading activity, the reinforcement classes, and the classes of the traditional skills teaching.

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